SwimFigurative painter, “survival art” creator, and award-winning master of interpretive realism–Charles Mitchell is an innovative metaphorical/intuitive printmaker of growing national interest. And for Waupaca’s Art’s Off The Square, 4pm to 7pm on Friday August 15th, he will be showing his work at Stange’s


Charles has the ability to open the mind of the viewer to new ways of seeing.



His discovery and use of several printmaking processes accelerated his quest for greater unification of both the material subject and the space/time environment.




:Enjoy his attempts to describe the indescribable elements such as time, soulfulness, and hidden nature brought into light.


It will be a great early evening in downtown Waupaca with chalk art covering the sidewalks and artists in many of the stores. Come join us.

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The making of a Surya rug requires the passion and skilled hands of many artisans to complete. From sorting and coloring the raw wool to weaving, tufting and hand knotting, to well washing, sun drying and applying the finishing touches, here we offer a fascinating glimpse into this multi-layered and intricate process


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We found a plethora of new cool chairs at the High Point Furniture Market. We’re still deciding which ones we will add to our floor but here are a few of our favorites.

The Sundance Ladderback Chair will change the attitude of any room.


The Las Palmas Chair from Tommy Bahama’s Landara Collection is looking good in this wax pull-up leather.

Las Palmas

The Navajo Chair in hair on hide cowhide is constructed of Palmwood from Fiji.


The Boomerang Chair from Hancock & Moore


The basket-weave walnut veneer pattern in the sides and back are what make this Transitional Club Chair stand out in the crowd.



See more cool chairs at http://www.pinterest.com/stanges/chairology/

Ever since returning from the Caribbean I’ve had aqua on the brain.  There is just something about the spectacular colors of the ocean that soothes the soul and rejuvenates the spirit.


Somehow the scenery in Wisconsin just doesn’t compare.

imageAnd…… I much prefer lounging on the beach to lounging on a snowbank.



But…… right now a snowbank is my only option so I think  I’ll add a little aqua to my home decor with some artwork.  This lounging lady would be a wonderful addition, available now at Stange’s of Waupaca.


Florals more to your liking?  Lovelies I,II, III, and IV would be a lovely addition to your home

2X2 Artwork

Maybe you prefer something more abstract with the stunning blue of the sky…..that works too!

Artwork 1x3

Mother Nature does such a fabulous job mixing her greens and blues, replicated here in Veges, an over sized painting on display now on our new teal wall in the office.


An area rug and accessories can liven up a neutral setting.


Of course you can also add some aqua with fabrics from one of our many vendors.

Kravet Fabric 1

Duralee Fabric 1

Duralee Zebra

Duralee Umbrellas

Duralee Ikat

Tile is another great way to add aqua to your home.  Try some of these combinations.

DalTile 1

DalTile 3

Century Furniture has done an amazing job combining shades of blue and aqua in this stunning LR grouping.


Soon…….this is what we will be looking at, not quite the aqua of the ocean but it is our little piece of heaven and we love it here in Wisconsin.



Although the exact origins of the art are hazy, we do know that the word “raku” means “enjoyment.” Raku is indeed a vessel of form and beauty, as its porous walls make it impractical for the kitchen where most pottery serves its innate purpose. Unlike its earthen relatives, raku pottery is not tolerant to liquids, but it does offer a far greater purpose–beauty.

For its sheer beauty alone, we can appreciate raku. Varying from simple black or greyish-whites to a whole spectrum of metallic glazes, raku’s complex beauty is achieved through its multi-step firing process. While most pottery is merely fired in a kiln and slowly cooled, raku is removed while still glowing red hot. If it survives this first shock, the pottery is quickly placed in a reduction chamber amongst leaves, sawdust, and the like. The combustible content of this chamber immediately ignites and the pot receives its fiery kiss making for a truly unique piece of art.

You can see this artistry firsthand at Stange’s this month as we host the works of a local husband and wife duo, Noah and Jen Montgomery. Noah, a master potter, throws the pots and creates his own glazes in their studio in Saxeville, WI. Jen adds to the mastery by etching patterns and drawings on the greenware. Together they subject their works to the flame.

In addition to their fabulous raku, Noah and Jen have an outstanding stoneware line of pottery, clay jewelry, pet pottery, wedding pottery, hand-painted scarves as well as custom work. They travel to art shows, teach classes, and sell their work to galleries throughout the country and via their website. www.montgomeryraku.com

See these unique, affordable works of art firsthand at Stange’s this month, and you will be sure to enjoy those that survive their encounter with the flame.


We’re not suggesting you scrap the central heat. We are saying you can cut your energy use dramatically simply by installing pure, natural, wool carpeting.


Think of your cozy blanket or your best winter coat, wool is a highly effective insulating material that has been used for years insulating people.


Sheep wool is a natural insulator because it has a crimped nature which traps air in millions of tiny pockets. Air is an excellent insulator since it does not conduct or disperse heat well. Sheep wool insulation has an R-value (resistance to heat flow) of approximately 3.5 to 3.8 per inch of material thickness Next summer you’ll keep saving as your wool carpet absorbs moisture during periods of high-humidity and releasing it when conditions are dry and in so doing helps keep the indoors comfortable any time of year, naturally


Breathable wool keeps things cooler in summer and warmer in winter. It attracts and holds airborne particles and pollutants so you can breathe comfortably when the cold December winds keep the windows and doors shut tight for the season. Speaking of December, wool is also the most fire-safe of any interior textile so there’s little concern that a pesky Yule log will incinerate the whole place. Plus, unlike Uncle Carl, wool ages gracefully. Additionally, since wool is naturally static-free Uncle Carl won’t electrocute himself when he shuffles over and grabs the ladle for another snifter of Holiday Nog.

Want even more on wool? Click our cute little lamb below for more on the subject:


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