You may remember when we added birch trees to our Union Street Window. It gave Stange’s design team a great backdrop for our holiday window display. Here’s how it unfolded.

Melissa starts us off with some Christmas tree lights.

photo 1

Liz does a little fine tuning.

photo 2

Let’s add some snow.

photo 3

John hasn’t used his snowshoes in a.while.


Add some Christmas stockings & pillows and we are looking festive.


Meanwhile next door in our smaller Union Street Window. Joe & Melissa hang a birch branch frame.

photo 4

Adding the hurricanes,

photo 5

Add some snow, some battery powered candles and deco mesh table runners and we are looking good.


We are thankful for our creative designers, Liz, Melissa & Tina, who give us the fresh new looks we love. They can help you create a look you’ll love to come home to.


We thought a Christmas Tree on the narrow stairway landing of our Union Street building would be a great look but the space is narrow. Here’s how our designers solved the problem.

First we constructed a wood frame in the shape of our tree with hanging brackets.on the back.

Mesh tree 1

A chicken wire mesh was stapled to our frame.


Here’s Stange’s designer, Melissa Kalupa, stringing lights to our wire mesh.

Mesh tree  2

Plug it in Melissa.

Mesh tree 3

Here’ Stange’s head designer, Elizabeth Stange, attaching Deco Mesh to our frame.

Mesh tree 4

Here’s Liz working on the tree topper.

Mesh tree 5

Here’s a closeup look at our tree topper.

Mesh tree 6

Come to Stange’s to see our finished tree and all our holiday decorating ideas.Create the look you love for the Christmas season.

Mesh tree7

When Christmas has past, we can remove  our ornaments and the twigs in the topper and stash the finished tree for next years holiday season.

We’ve added the timeless traditional elegance of Lexington’s Quail Hollow bedroom to our showroom. We chose the versatile Georgetown Poster/ Canopy Bed. Change the look whenever you want.

Remove the canopy for a high poster bed

Remove the tall posts for a low poster bed.

Georgetown Poster Bed 6/6 King

Take a look at the entire Quail Hollow Collection in the video below,

Quail Hollow

We’ve decided to update this blog post regularly to showcase many of the lamps on display in our store. It’s an ever changing assortment of cool new looks but by no means our entire inventory.

See something you like. Give us a call at 1-800-440-8113  for dimensions or current pricing.


Bennington Walnut
Rossi Table Lamp Bennington Slate Table Lamp Walnut Table Lamp
Van Buren Reflections Industrial Gear
Van Buren Table Lamp

Reflections Table Lamp Industrial Gear Table Lamp
 Image4 Lamp Glass Globe
Cody Canyon Hair On
Hide Table Lamp

 Birch Table Lamp Glass Globe Table Lamp

Barre Oly Table Lamp Molokai
Barre Slate
Table Lamp
Oly Table Lamp  Molokai Table Lamp
Moderno Boat Lamp Metro Plaza Floor Upright
Moderno Table Lamp Canoe Table Lamp Metro Plaza Floor Lamp
Snoshoe Spun smile
Snowshoe Floor Lamp Spun Aluminum Table Lamp Smile Table Lamp

We just received our supply of Century Furniture Idea Book’s.


Century  is our highest quality furniture line. The vast majority of Century furniture is still made in the USA. The Idea Book is 16 pages  full of beautiful room settings in an assortment of styles.


Everything in the Idea Book is on sale at Stange’s now through the end of 2013!


Here’s a page of beautiful foyer chests.


If you would like your own copy of Century’s new Idea Book call us at 715-258-8113 or send us an email. We will be happy to mail you a copy.

We decided to update this post from last year to add some pieces that we now have on display in our store.

Just as each of us is unique in our shape and form, live edge furniture is as diverse as the tree it comes from.  No two trees are alike, therefore no two pieces of furniture will be alike.  You are getting a truly unique, one of a kind  piece of nature’s art.

Our Monkey-wood Coffee Tablemonkey

Here’s one of two live edge dining tables currently in our store.liveedge

This smaller live edge dining table in our store. We think it makes great table desk too.desk

Our Monkeywood tree root console.


What a great take on a nest of tables!

Live edge tables and Old Hickory upholstery were made for each other.

You can go for a more refined look in live edge tables, like the following from Century Furniture, or more rustic like the next grouping from Groovy Stuff (you’ll know when Century ends and Groovy Stuff starts).

This Dining Room table and Cocktail table are from Century’s Milan Collection, an eco-contemporary collection inspired by nature.  The Polished Stainless Steel bases contrast beautifully with the debarked wood slab tabletops.


This console uses a matte Bronze Finished Brass for those who prefer a more muted use of materials.

I bet you guessed we’ve moved on to Groovy Stuff?????  They use reclaimed teak root balls to create the most unusual and unique furniture.  I’ll show you more pieces but to see the entire collection check out their web site

The Sierra Woodland Table and Marquis Side Chair make dining a whole new experience!

No how cool is that for a pub table?  Pretty groovy I’d say!

The Badlands Root Chair – WOW

The Tuscan Mirror comes large or small.  Dont’ forget the Eclipse Mirror, made from an oxcart wagon wheel, now showing Stange’s.

Groovy Stuff even does accessories.

Live edge designs bring a very organic feel to whatever room you use them in.  Let your imagination be your guide, have fun, lots of fun!!!


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