Watch a Stressless Chair Being Made

The average television viewer wriggles and shifts positions around 100 times per hour. How do you create a chair that shifts with you to remain comfortable in every position. Take a few minutes and watch the creation of the worlds most comfortable recliner.

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Harry Truman Was President When…

Stange's Design Team:

Still love this post from a few years ago. We updated it for our 63rd Anniversary.

Originally posted on Create the Look:

It was 1952 when 2 school teachers decided to take a chance, risking their savings opening a furniture store. Bob put in $3000. Sam was a little short, so he threw in his car which they traded for this pickup truck.

They rented this store front from Hansen Photography. Randy Hansen’s studio was upstairs. When they had a day without a sale they would go upstairs and sell Randy a pencil.

“Number Please”, The operator would say.
“Five Six” was my reply. Then she would ring our store.
You can see our first phone number prominently displayed on the door of our truck.
Our phone numbers are longer now but among our phone numbers is 715-256-5656

60 years later, we’re still taking chances at Stange’s, buying uncommon home furnishings you won’t find at stores that play it safe.

Saucy Suzanne Leather Chairs

Risk a drive to Waupaca. Your chance to save is now as we…

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Smart Design & Function

I was walking through the High Point Market when I saw a salesperson opening up this round dining table.


It was just the sort of uncommon furniture we love to show at Stange’s. If these videos don’t work click here to see this email on line.

Danish furniture maker, Skovby, had a lot more to show me. This boat shape dining table is one of my favorites.

This one extends to accommodate up to 20 people.

If you only need a table occasionally or you’d like a second table for family gatherings this multipurpose piece could fit the bill

To see even more cool tables from Skovby visit our website

Endless Possibilities – Semblance Modular

There’s almost no end what you can achieve with Semblance modular furniture.

Great looking wall units

Functional Contemporary Home Office

Home Theater

The micro-etched glass used in Semblance provides an almost velvet touch and an amazing ability to remove scratches. See for yourself.

Take a look at how Semblance works

Stop by Stange’s to take a look for yourself.

Why Hire a Designer?

One would think that with all of the home shows and websites out there that we would all be living in rooms that look like they were pulled right our of the pages of Architectural Digest.  Night after night, you watch the experts throw together a room in a half-hour’s time slot.

Top 10 Home Remodeling TV Shows

Meanwhile the viewer is at home thinking, “I can do that too!”  You make the attempt and when you are done you sit and wonder, “Why doesn’t my room look like the one on TV?”


Chances are if you have been inspired by one of these programs you are probably reading this article from a room that has one freshly painted accent wall.

You have piles of catalogs with cute things for your home, but will they work in your space?  Does Grandma’s chair work with the newer sofa?  Will a new room arrangement improve the function of this room?  Does anybody have the answers to my decoration dilemmas?!

Yes!   They are called designers.  And although you see designers at work on the design shows, it seems a lot of people are still confused about what it is a designer actually does.  Do they paint, recover sofa, or fashion furniture out of pallets?  Not in the real world they don’t!

Img_23263 Designers II

A designer has a degree and has studied subjects like color theory, fiber science, space planning, furniture history, basic house systems, psychology, and much more.  With understanding of these subjects they can guide you in making color and furnishing selections, room arrangements, and minor renovation help as well.

Liz working

With a multitude of resources, including furnishings, relationships with contractors, and experience, a designer can save you time and money.  A designer will help guide you through a myriad of choices while offering peace of mind knowing you have made a sound decision on furnishings that will nurture your family for years to come.  Create a look that you’ll love to come home to by calling a Stange’s designer today. 715-258-8113

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When people take Christmas down and the house looks bleak they come in asking for help to spruce up their house.  Well this year we got the bug as well.  I just couldn’t look at those tan walls anymore. We put our collective heads together and decided let’s use them as a visual tool for our clients.  So we took our Plain Jane beige wall and divided it in to three sections.

South Wall Before

On the south wall we wanted to use white with dark trim. The rich color of the wood furniture stands out so nicely against the white and we love, love, love the dark trim. When we suggest it to clients they often get scared at the thought of dark trim, yet it can highlight architectural features in a room so beautifully or frame a view to the outside. Once we show them how much more interesting it can make a room they often say “Why didn’t I think of that?” Well…….that’s why you hire a designer, to think of solutions you haven’t.

Walls White Done III

North Done II

Next we move on to the north wall where we wanted to use the very popular gray with white trim. White trim is just so crisp against the gray and is a totally different look than the white.  The primer is first – there are always so many preparation steps before you can get to the fun part!

Priming South Wall

Then paint………..

North Primed

The trim gets added as the middle wall gets primed for “Arizona”

Orange wall being primed

Burnt Orange or “Arizona” looks great between the two walls.  We love the white trim against the deep orange. It has the added advantage that it allows customers to see white trim against two different paint colors – one cool and a little more subtle and one strong and vibrant.

Orange wall

The North Wall get reassembled

North Done

Now when you walk up the steps to the Design center you will see the three applications simultaneously.  Which is your favorite?


The Toughest, Easiest to Clean Carpet on the Planet

Back in 2005, it was the first new carpet fiber introduced in 50 years. SmartStrand now has a 10 year record of success and with the addition of Nanoloc technology the SmartStrand fiber is encapsulated, creating a superior spill and soil barrier.

Smart Strand DogEven spills like Mustard and red wine are easily cleaned. Other fibers such as Nylon lose stain and soil protection over time and with repeated cleanings. SmartStrand forever clean never loses its stain resistance!

spills.jpg 001

SmartStrand is  made with renewable plant based materials and also causes less harm in its production. Luxurious softness along with lifetime warranties makes SmartStrand Forever Clean the best choice for your home!

Watch SmartStrand Forever Clean in action below (If you have trouble with this YouTube video Click here)

All this, along with free experienced professional estimating to ensure proper fit and finish, top quality pad to support your new investment and the best installation people around!  Come check out the full array of flooring options at Stange’s. 

Charles Mitchell – Picture Maker

SwimFigurative painter, “survival art” creator, and award-winning master of interpretive realism–Charles Mitchell is an innovative metaphorical/intuitive printmaker of growing national interest. And for Waupaca’s Art’s Off The Square, 4pm to 7pm on Friday August 15th, he will be showing his work at Stange’s


Charles has the ability to open the mind of the viewer to new ways of seeing.



His discovery and use of several printmaking processes accelerated his quest for greater unification of both the material subject and the space/time environment.




:Enjoy his attempts to describe the indescribable elements such as time, soulfulness, and hidden nature brought into light.


It will be a great early evening in downtown Waupaca with chalk art covering the sidewalks and artists in many of the stores. Come join us.

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