Imagine…..No Cords!

Technology is usually introduced at the commercial level. When it improves, the kinks are worked out & the price comes down, we see it emerge in the residential market.

The Office of Tomorrow (Today!) is a great article giving you a sneak peak of what is to come……..

Imagine wandering through the gocery store and having coupons delivered to you depending on where you are, or flooring that will absorb the impact of a fall:

“Mannington Commercial has already begun exploring the intersection of flooring and technology; the company’s QR carpeting collection, which features patterns inspired by QR code technologies, is capable of being mixed in with LVT tiles that feature actual QR codes on them, enabling wayfinding in public spaces or delivering coupons to shoppers in a particular area of a store.”

Now jump forward to your home.  Imagine no more cords (A Designer’s Dream!) Set your smart phone, laptop or tablet on a desktop or kitchen counter and it recharges itself. How cool would that be?  The technology built right in to your furniture.

“The consumer electronics and furniture industries have been waiting for a mature, cohesive standard to emerge before diving in wholeheartedly.”

Its not here yet, but dream a little and when you wake up………Imagine – No Cords


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