Fashion Drives Home

Several years ago we hosted an event at our store titled “Fashion Drives Home.”  We worked with three other stores in Waupaca, The Feminine Touch, Panache, and Embellishments, to show our guests the correlation between women’s fashion and home furnishings.  It was a great evening and I have had fun ever since watcing the connection between the two.

Being a shoe lover (surprise, surprise),  I came across a beautiful shoe at Nordstroms which reminded me of a chair we have at Stange’s.  I thought to myself  “I can have some fun with this!” Now I’m on the hunt for more shoes that remind me of home decor.  Here are my first few finds. Stay tuned for more….

Furniture fashion follows women’s fashion in surprising ways. Here’s our quilted leather chair from Century. The shoe is from  Nordstrom’s.

Our Zebra chairs, with hair on hide leather outside and supple onyx aniline leather inside, could have easily been inspired by these shoes from Nordstrom’s. I’m guessing there is no hair on the shoes.

My zipper trimmed purse from The Feminine Touch may have inspired our fun spiral zipper pillows.

We put flowers in our hair….how about on our shoes and now on our pillows.

I came across a post on that mirrored my thoughts. Click the picture below to see the article.


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