Remember on my monochromatic post I told you there would be more to come on texture?  Texture has not only, well …..texture – dimension, form, tactile sensations  – but a temperature.  Temperature you say?  How can texture have temperature?  Well depending on what it is, it will intoduce a warm or cool touch to a room.  Rich wood, fuzzy fabrics, stone will bring a warm touch to a room.  Stainless, glass, marble, lacquer bring a cool touch to a room.

In our previous post texture brought interest to our monochromatic rooms and now its adding another dimension, temperature – and mixing temperatures  – well that makes a room sing.

W Downtown Atlanta contemporary bedroom
Very textural sculpture, the shiny, reflective metal makes its temperature cool, great contrast to the soft tactile fabric of the bed.
Contemporary bathroom contemporary bathroom
The dimensional stone and sleek wood add warmth to this beautiful bathroom.
Pinned Image
I couldn’t help it I’m a cat lover.  Pavers – cool temperature.  Kitty – looks sleek and cool in the picture but in real life warm and fuzzy!
Here’s my kitty, Hattie.  She’s soft, silky and fuzzy all in one but for all who know her, not much of a lover.
See more at stanges.com
Marble – a cool touch.  The warmth of the dark wood and uphostery balance the marble for a stunning dining room.  You really need to check this table out at Stange’s of Waupaca, it has Swarovski crystals imbedded in the stone – WOW
How about this area rug with so much texture you can’t wait to take your shoes off and wiggle your toes in it.  Its warmth contrasts against the cool metal for another stunning dining room.  What’s for dinner?
This rug could be yours from Stange’s of Waupaca.  www.stanges.com
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What a unique headboard.  The patina developed by years of aging is priceless.  If only those boards could talk!
Pinned Image
Don’t you just want to touch that stone and lay down on the warm fuzzy rug?  The metal insert on the cocktail table intorduces a cool element.
Pinned Image
Justin Bieber’s got it all happening with his 10 million dollar home for his 18th birthday!  Can you count all the cool surfaces in this kitchen?
Well there you have it.  From 10 degrees below zero to 100, texture’s temperature has it all.  Don’t forget to mix it up, it balances the room and makes for a much more comfortable temperature!

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