What a Pair

Gloves come in pairs, shoes come in pairs, earings come in pairs……..why not chairs?

A pair of chairs create an inviting seating area to enjoy a cup of java or glass of wine with a favorite friend or family member.  They work adjacent to each other, across from a sofa, or out on a porch.  Here’s just a few of the ‘Pairs of Chairs” available at Stange’s.

Sexy Suzanne chairs just beg to float in a room so you can enjoy the back as much as the front.

Hair on hide zebra chairs,  sure to be a conversation starter.

A contemporary twist on the French Chair

Sit down girlfirend, let’s talk about it

Water Hyacinth swivel chairs, perfect for you sunroom.

Our Georgia swivel chairs offer a comfortable spot to sit that won’t obstruct your view.

Pretty in pink, an adaptation of the classic wing chair

Chair & 1/2’s, just enough room for 2 (people that is).

I realize these aren’t  chairs, but aren’t they pretty?

Houndstooth, menswear inspired.

Summer will be here before you know it

WOW, there’s a Pair of Chairs around every corner at Stange’s


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