Tangerine anyone?

Last night while scrolling through Pinterest – if you haven’t been there it is a MUST in your life – I came  across this bedroom that just looked so yummy to me I had to pin it.  It kind of reminded me of the orange dreamcicles I used to eat as a little girl (that’s aging me uh?)  Well today when I checked my email there had to be at least 100 people that re-pinned my pin.  I thought hmm-mm this must be a very appealing color scheme.  Let me know what you think.I

I just looked up Pantone’s Color of the Year and guess what it is?  Tangerine Tango #17-1463  No wonder its so popular!

See more at Better Homes and Gardens

Surya Rugs, a leader in the home accessory arena, had this to say about Tangerine or Orange Crush as they call it:


Shipping Container Homes – living in a box but definitely thinking Outside the Box these sustainable container homes may be the wave of the future.  At least when you move you don’t have to pack everything up!


Tangerine/Coral as an accent.  Remember the blog post on Monochromatics, where we added a “POP” of color for excitement?


Orange leather barrel chairs from Stange’s.  On display next door at Curves.

I saw this Corvette on my way over to Curves to take a picture of the barrel chairs.  I couldn’t find the owner though, I was hoping for a ride 😦

How about Tangerine for the Front Door?  Read the full article – here’s Frank again.  I guess he really did love orange!


Instead of following The Yellow Brick Road why not follow  The Orange Winding Staircase?


A muted orange atop the zebra rug brings a warm touch to this room.


Orange certainly brings life to this room.

See more on Houzz.com

Try adding this fun color in to your home.  Not a lover of orange?  Just add a few accents in a powder room or guest room.  According to Frank its the “happiest color” and we could all use a little more happy in our lives.



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