Ikat Designs

Ikat is a dying technique used to make pattern textiles.  It employs a resist dying process which prevents the dye from reaching the cloth thus creating a pattern and ground.  It is similar to tie-dyed fabric except that tie dye uses resist bandings on fabric that is already woven. Ikat patterns are dyed by binding the threads before they are woven into cloth.

It is becoming increasingly popular and we are seeing it in clothing, home accessories, and body art.  How can you incorporate Ikat designs in your house or wardrobe?  Here are a few examples.

We’re seeing it in our fashion accessories


On our iPad, iPhone, and Kindle cases

Look, even one with my name!  No mistaking who that belongs to.


Want to see more iPad Ikat covers? Here’s the link

In Bedding…Eastern Accents creates another stunning Bedding Ensemble.


Stange’s Swivel Water Hyacinth Chairs, just in time for summer.  Currently on display at the Feminine Touch.


Now showing at Stange’s

More water hyacinth and Ikat fabric designs – what a great combination

Even our nails!


Animal prints, from Pindler and Pindler, available at Stange’s, really lend themselves to Ikat designs.

Add this for a coordinate and you have a starting point for a great scheme.

Are you ready for Ikat Flamestitch?

Found at gap.com

Accent fabric on the back of dining room chairs – WOW – fabulous!

From houzz.com

For your morning coffee?

Available at World Market

Or cereal?

Ikat fabrics make great accent pillows if you just want a touch of the pattern.

Available at Stange’s from Century Furniture

So now you see Ikat designs are cropping up everywhere.  Have fun with it, intorduce it in small increments if you’re not sure.  The designs will grow on you, I guarantee.


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