If Your Walls Could Talk, What Would They Say About You?

What makes a room really come together are the finishing touches.  Accessories give it personality. What’s yours? Are you Warm and Cozy, Hip and Cool, or perhaps Bold and Exciting, or Classy and Sophisticated?

Here’s some wall decor we found at market.  Let us know what you like.

These flowers can be arranged any way you want – let your imagination guide you.

The human form is always a popular design element.

Get orange in your decor with some stunning art work!

How about some 3D texture – it doesn’t always have to be a painting!

Do they look like sea urchins?  You can arrange them any way you want.

Sea Urchins that look like a little flower……..

A little purple……another popular color this year.

Groupings always create a great wall!

Peek-A-Boo, that’s your humble correspondent inside this cool mirror.

And a sunflower to end our post……….enjoy!P.S. How cool is this live edge organic dining room table?


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