The Plan Begins – The Sun Room

The furniture market interrupted our posts on the move from Kansas to Michigan. Here are the rest of the rooms we’ve been working on.  We will be traveling to Michigan this week to begin the completion of the installation.  I’ll send you pictures of our progress – stay tuned.

Sunroom off the kitchen will be a great place to spend a lazy afternoon.

The floor plan includes a sofa, two chairs and ottomans from Summer Classics Rustic collection.

The MBR will get a new paint color.  The chair and ottoman from the Kansas Family Room will find a new home in the bay window area and we’re going to re-purpose the custom made draperies that were only 1 /12 years old. Here are the fabrics we used in Kansas that are finding a new home in Michigan,  Sorry, I guess I don’t have a before picture of the MBR.

Laundry Room gets a new paint color and window treatments.

Powder room gets a facelift as well.  A modification to the vanity, new sconces, mirror and window treatments.

We are on our way tomorrow for the installation.  I’ll be taking lots of pictures so stay tuned for further updates.


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