Harry Truman Was President When…

It was 1952 when 2 school teachers decided to take a chance, risking their savings opening a furniture store. Bob put in $3000. Sam was a little short, so he threw in his car which they traded for this pickup truck.

They rented this store front from Hansen Photography. Randy Hansen’s studio was upstairs. When they had a day without a sale they would go upstairs and sell Randy a pencil.

“Number Please”, The operator would say.
“Five Six” was my reply. Then she would ring our store.
You can see our first phone number prominently displayed on the door of our truck.
Our phone numbers are longer now but among our phone numbers is 715-256-5656

60 plus years later, we’re still taking chances at Stange’s, buying uncommon home furnishings you won’t find at stores that play it safe.

Saucy Suzanne Leather Chairs


Risk a drive to Waupaca. Your chance to save is now as we celebrate 63 years of gambling that you will love the pieces we offer. Stange’s 63rd Anniversary Sale ….Now at Stange’s



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