Groovy Stuff

When we began buying from Groovy Stuff, around 2001, we quickly learned not to call them early in the morning. These guys were not morning people and not big enough to hire someone else to get up and answer the phone. I used to say, ” What do you expect, when you deal with a company called Groovy Stuff?

Their furniture was made from old teak oxcart parts, reclaimed and re-purposed. They had traveled through Thailand and discovered this graveyard of oxcart parts.

Little did we know that our first order would be delivered in a horse trailer. But Hey, we were buying from a company called Groovy Stuff. Here are the Groovy Guys themselves, Jeff Singleton and Chris Bruning.

The Groovys have come up with lots more uncommon ideas. The pieces below are made from teak tree roots.

Jeff has moved on from Groovy Stuff but Chris continues to come up with fresh ideas. In our next post we’ll explore what he is up to now. You’ll be seeing more Groovy Stuff in our store.


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