Groovy’s Big Idea – The University Hall of Innovation and Job Creation

In our last post we told you all about Groovystuff…..and aren’t they “groovy?”  We love those guys.  So what they are up to now?

Chris Bruning has created the University Hall of Innovation and Job Creation.  He is collaborating with 9 different universities to bring real life experiences to design students. They are given a challange in which they recieve a pallet of reclaimed materials and must create furniture, lighting, or accessories depending on what the program perimeters are for that particular competition.

The students conclude their work with a 20″ x 30″ final product board and a 1/4″ scale minature model.  Their designs are then voted on by trade show participants. The winner of the “Popular Vote at Market”  receives a $500.00 cash prize, inclusion in the celebrity endorsed Dick Idol Brand and a permanent 1% royalty on all future sales of the product.

This spring Jancie Kammler from the University of Idaho and Rachael Jones from Auburn Universty were recognized for placing first in their categories.  Janice Kammler’s ” Time Revealed” was voted “Most versatile and most likely to show a profit.”

Rachael Jones received the grand prize for the most written orders at market, one of which was from yours truly.

Rachel’s “The Eclipse Mirror” is coming soon to Stange’s.

We’ll discover more future design stars in future posts. Way to go Chris! Your ideas are still Groovy.



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