Liz Stange – Wedding Planner?

 31 years ago Liz & I were married at her parents home on Sunset Lake, where we live today.  Our daughter Lisa always wanted to have her wedding here. So when she announced her engagement to Dave and asked if they could have their reception on the tennis court, we said “Yes, if that’s what you want, we will make it happen”  Liz turned it into a design project and here are a few pictures of how it unfolded.

How big of a tent can you put on a tennis court? How many people will it comfortably hold? What color scheme does the bride want?  The plan starts to formulate.

What had been our tennis court was transformed from Tuesday to Saturday through nearly 100 degree heat into a reception/party site for Lisa and Dave. The guys from You’ll Be Floored were great!

But the stars who made this event happen were my wife Elizabeth Stange ASID and Stange’s Display Designer Linda Parker

Linda Parker, family friend Mary Lou Sammons & Liz  Stange

Our basement turned into a jungle in the color scheme of navy, white and pewter.

Chandeliers were constructed from simple forms.

They gave me the task of completing the signs for our 2 bars, made from sliced wine corks.

My 89 year old father & Stange’s founder Bob, worked hard growing Dahlia’s.

Each numbered table had a childhood picture of Lisa & Dave.

Linda’s floral creations were outstanding.

Family friend Mary Gordon made these stepping stones used in the pathway into the tent.

Tent Entrance

We plan to show more later but if you want a small taste of the wedding click here.



  1. Such a beautiful event, John and Liz…how meaningful that you were married there too. Thanks for the beautiful memories that were made for Lisa and Dave and all your guests!

  2. Beautiful wedding!! I too am looking to put a tent over our tennis court for an event. Did they have to drill holes in the court to install the tent? Was it difficult to fix afterwards? That’s our biggest concern.

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