Displays Around Town

Check out our new displays around town.

Studio 212, an Aveda Salon, where yours truly gets beautified.  The candles are battery operated so you can put them in bookshelves or amongst greens without worrying about burning the house down.  The “flame” flickers so they look very real, you’ll have to check them out.  The shaped front gold chests are back to back creating a mirror image for the fall display.

The Feminine Touch……….one of my FAVORITE stores.  My sister said “you must stop by every day on your way home.”  I must admit  it is one of my weak spots.  The display there now sports two twig screens, an antler floor lamp and a drop dead gorgeous leather settee with an alligator back.

For all you women who want a great work out visit Curves, right next to Stange’s, and relax in our leather chair and ottoman when you are done.  The top drawer on the Three Drawer X Front Chest has a drop front and wire management so this chest can double as an entertainment center or desk.

Here is Mother Nature’s fall display. Wow, the colors this year are unbelievably gorgeous! It’s a great time to take a ride to Waupaca. See the fall colors and visit Stange’s too.


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