Artist of The Month – Sherri Lussenden

If you’d like to see some beautiful photographs from a very talented lady stop in to see Sherri Lussenden’s work on display for the month of October at Stange’s of Waupaca.

Sherri says

“I have always loved taking photos of my three daughters and all of their activities.  As my children grew and my life changed I found I “needed” to be behind my camera.  I came across my true passion in life…….photography.

This past March I had a heart attack. My heart attack made me even more aware of the simple beauty in life that is right in front of us everyday.  Ponds, trees, florals, you name it.  I began shooting more and more photos.  In doing so I shared what I had shot with those around me.  I received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback and well….here I am.”

Sherri shoots anything from pet portraits to weddings and of course the beauty that is in front of us everyday.  She has to be having the time of her life with the fall colors this year!

We look forward to sharing Sherri’s work with you this month.  Please stop in and check it out.

Available to admire or purchase this month at Stange’s.



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