Hair on Hide

Animal prints just seem to stay in the forefront of the fashion world.  Every year I think we may see the trend wane but it never does.  I don’t think we can even call it a “trend” anymore, its a classic.

Hair on hide animal prints are EVERYWHERE.  Cowhide can be stenciled to look like anything that walks the earth, a tiger, zebra, leopard.  And we don’t have to leave the colors to the animal kingdom, we’re seeing pink, purple, orange, there are no limits.

No matter what you are shopping for you can find any product with hair on hide.

Jewelery takes a new twist with hair on hide.

Karen Hemphill took a very traditional accessory and gave it a whole new look with hair on hide.  Check out these cufflinks.

Of course yours truly isn’t behind the curve.  Our Zebra hair on hide chairs are a knock out!

A Hair on Hide area rug kicks your room up a notch.

Even lamps with hair on hide – how cool!

Pillows always add a great touch to a room and these are really special.  Now there’s a Wow!

One of my favorite stores of all time is The Feminine Touch in Waupaca (fabulous, ladies if you haven’t been there it is a must!)  Either a crossbody bag or wristlet will take you in style to your next big event.



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