Arlene M. LoPiccolo – Stange’s Artist of the Month

Our artist this month is Arlene M. LoPiccolo from Racine, Wi.  Arlene was one of the artists participating in Art On The Square last August in Waupaca.  Linda was strolling the avenue when she came across Arlene’s booth and knew we’d be a good fit.  Come in and check out her paintings, better yet purchase one for yourself.

Here are the paintings Arlene has on display now at Stange’s of Waupaca.

Electric, I think this is my favorite.  24″ x 36″

Sunburst  30″ x 40″

Fade To Orange 30″ x40″

Heartbeat  24″ x 30″

Linked 24″ x 24″ Angled  Can be hung straight if you’d prefer.

Ride 21″ x 31.5″

Rough Seas 36″ x 48″

Cala Lilies 24.5″ x 31″



  1. I just found out that Arlene is your featured artist for the month of November. i have been following her works for several years now and I am astounded that she only pursued and developed this talent in the recent years mainly since her retirement. Her understanding and talent for the abstract (my style), I find particularily interesting, She enjoys the technique and skills of the more “seasoned” artists. I particularily like her use of metallics! Thank God she found her true calling at this this point in her life, for the rest of us to purchase, share and enjoy!!!

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