Your Hardware Store

“Honey I’m running to the hardware store”  Shhhhh….he doesn’t’ need to know you really mean Stange’s.  Check out unique drawer & door pull hardware that could grace the furniture in your home.

The first two chests are new introductions from Hooker Furniture, so new they aren’t on the web yet.  They will be available in the spring so start your wish list.



The Savion Chest has medalion like hardware giving an oriental vibe.

A pair of these Sanctuary Serpentine Chests are on display right now at Stange’s. Great Hardware!

Here’s the Loudi Door Chest from Century’s Chin Hua Collection.

And the Lotus Chest also from Century’s Chin Hua.

The Lamour Console from Lexington’s Mirage Collection


The Tuxedo Bar from Hickory Chair

Tuxedo Bar

Hickory Chair even offers a Customer’s Own Hardware Program. You send your own unique pulls and they will apply them to your chosen piece.


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