Wrap It Up

Are you ready for the holidays?
“The holidays are over Liz, what are you talking about?”

The holidays may be over (well almost, we still have New Years Eve) but ask yourself – Was my home all I wanted it to be for Christmas? Did your decorations make your home look festive and wecoming? Were you scurring around at the last minute putting arrangements together?

While the holidays and all they entail are still fresh in your mind, think ahead to Christmas 2013. You can save money and time now by shopping our January Clearance sale. Holiday arrangements and decor are all 50% off. You’ll be so happy next November when you have brand new decorations just waiting to make your home look festive.

These arrangements, all artfully created by Linda Parker our designer extraordinaire, just need to be packed away until next Christmas when you pull them out and “Voila” instant beauty – no muss, no fuss.

Owls are all the rage, now they can be part of your Christmas decor as well.


Owl II

Just drop this arrangement in the vase of your choice.

Arrangement I

These door swags can adorn a wall or table.

Door Swag II

Door Swags

Peonies and aqua ornaments, such a pretty departure from traditional poinsettas and red and green

Arrangement II


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