Ladies, It’s a Win / Win

Ladies – Treat your guy to something special for Valentines Day or any day?

oxford1A Stressless chair will have him relaxed and sleeping in no time.  There are several benefits of this for you too.

He’s in his nothing box and when he’s in his nothing box you can do just about anything, like walk right past him with all your shopping bags from Stange’s. He’s in such a zone he doesn’t even hear the bags crinkle.

You won’t have to wonder where in the heck he is, he’s right there in his Stressless chair.

You won’t have to make dinner – he forgot he’s even hungry. What a great diet plan.
You won’t have to wake him to go to bed because he’ll happily sleep in his chair.

EKI11We see it as a WIN-WIN for both of you.


What’s the Nothing Box? you ask. Just click here



  1. I thought that was John sitiing in his chair at first! John is much better looking than the model!


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