Its a Natural

Our featured artist, Arlene LoPiccolo, has just finished a painting that she thought (and I agree) would fit in beautifully with this post.  Take a look and let me know what you think.


Just take a look outside at nature’s color scheme. A beautiful blue sky combined with every shade of green imaginable.  Add  the colors of the ocean on a warm sunny day and you’ve got blue/green covered.  This translates in to one of Spring 2013’s hottest color stories. You’ll find it popping up everywhere.

Century Ottoman

The ottoman fabric, almost a modified flamestitch, stands out beautifully against the white coverlet.  The wall color is one you’ll see in the Caribbean on your spring vacation.

Boy/Girl?  Works for either one.  What a fun way to brighten up a baby’s room.

Baby's Room

  Today’s nurseries don’t have to be all teddy bears and puffy clouds.  Give your baby a sophisticated look with a hip chevron pattern.

CribAnd the color scheme moves right in to toddler-hood.  In fact you could use the dust skirt fabric from the crib to make pillows for the bed.  Re-purpose – absolutely!


Floral arrangements make a unique statement with blues and greens.


Florals II

One of those florals would have fit beautifully in this room.  I have to say the drapery panels are my favorite thing in this room.  How about you?  What do you love best about this room?


Imagine yourself sipping your morning java in one of these scrumptous leather chairs.

Bernhardt Chairs

Fingernails certainly aren’t just red anymore!  Bobbi form Sasseez has all the latest color for your nails.


 This area rug combines these squares, all different shapes and rug textures, in to a real statement for you home.


Area Rug

Watercolors create a serene composition while combining complimentary (colors opposite each other on the color wheel) and tertiary (primary colors mixed with a secondary) colors.  Now that’s a mouthful……or a beautiful  picture.

I & II combined

III & IV combined

                       Apparel fashion plays a big role in this Spring 2013 color scheme.  Visit Panache and see what Deb has for your new spring wardrobe.


Show us how you are using blue/green this spring.  We’d love to see some of your photos.


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