Back to Basics II

In the first Back to Basics we covered 3 of the Elements of Design – Space, Form/Shape, and Line.  Now let’s explore the last two – Texture and Color.

Texture refers to the smoothness or roughness of a surface.  It has dimension, form, tactile sensations and a temperature.  How can texture have a temperature you may ask?  Well, depending on what it is it will introduce a warm or cool touch to a room.  Rich wood, fuzzy fabrics, stone, will bring a warm touch to a room.  Stainless, glass, marble, lacquer. smooth shinny things  bring a cool touch.  Let’s look at some examples.

This powder room is a great example of several textures.  The stone wall adds so much dimension to the space and contrasts beautifully with the smooth wood of the mirror and counter top.


Hair on hide combines visual and tactile texture.  Oh the examples here are endless!

Zebra chairsImage4

Pillow III

The hair on hide rug atop the sisal, combined with leather sectional –  this room is oozing texture.

Hampton Sectional

The smooth stone, imbedded with Swarovski crystals, has so much visual texture you’ll have a hard time tearing yourself away.


Our new faux leather area rug has an interesting “bumpy” texture as well as a glamorous sheen. Notice the great contrast between the rug and the cocktail table.

Faux Leather Rug II

These unique zipper pillows combine smooth and rough textures.  Your friends will be saying “Wow, where did you find those?”  You’ll reply “At Stange’s of Waupaca” of course!

PillowRoom Scene

More pillows and rugs on display at Stange’s.  You can invite them in to your home for a punch of color and texture.

Pillow II

rug & pillow

Close up of rug


Color refers to hue.  It can be the result of pigment (such as paint) or light (such as the sun).  Color can saturate a room or be the accent.  It can be subtle or bold.  No matter what it always brings life to a space and can be lots of fun to play with.

This is a great example of having fun with color.  The hot pink just brings this room to life as the color contrasts with all the white.

PinkThis stunning living room uses blue as an accent.  It would be easy to change out the color if you felt a desire for change.

LR accents blue

Here Mother Nature provides a vivid blue sky to contrast with the orange chairs, an ever changing color scheme as the day moves in to night.

PatioThe walls in this bathroom bring it lots of personality.

bathroomThe terra cotta is very subtle in this room, giving it a serene feeling.

LR DRThe soft oranges/terra cottas in this bedding ensemble have such a restful quality.

P.S. Available at Stange’s


Next we will look at the Principals of Design – Scale, Proportion, Balance, Rythm, Emphasis, Variety and Unity.  Be sure and stay tuned!


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