Warming & Sheltering Us for Over 100,000 Years

Wool production is one of the oldest organized industries in the world.
Sheep were first domesticated in Asia over 100,000 years ago. 

Wool is completely compatible with human use in floorcoverings, upholstery fabrics and clothes since it is composed of the same protein that makes up the outer protective layer of your skin. Wool is naturally resistant to dust mites too.


Wool is an ENERGY SAVER too. You can lower your thermostat while your wool carpet helps maintain a comfortable warm environment.

Wool is the most FIRE SAFE fiber used in interior refinishing. While synthetic fibers melt and ignite, wool will char and generally self extinguish when the flame source is removed.

ASIDWool has an amazing ability to absorb moisture from the atmosphere; nearly 30% of its weight without feeling damp. It’s this moisture absorption that keeps static buildup below annoying ‘blue-arc’ levels.However, wool also acts like a natural air conditioner absorbing moisture during periods of high humidity and releasing it when conditions are dry.

During periods of extreme dryness, such as during the middle of winter when windows are closed and heaters run, this moisture releasing property, on occasion, may temporarily compromise wool’s ability to completely eliminate noticeable static build-up. Misting with distilled or ionized water will help dramatically and as soon as temperatures warm and heater use diminishes, noticeable static build-up will disappear.

Check out all the great wool flooring options at Stange’s.


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