When Life Gives You Eggs

In 1959 Taylor-Stange Furniture bought the Central Wisconsin Seed Company building. Farmers had sold their eggs to the seed company for many years. When our furniture store moved in, the farmers still kept bringing in eggs.

CandleBeing enterprising young businessmen, Bob & Sam decided to sell furniture & eggs. I would come in after school and candle and weigh the eggs. It was my first job in the furniture business. It wouldn’t do for a customer to crack open an egg and find a baby chick inside.


When furniture sales were slow and money was tight, we ate a lot of eggs. Fried, Scrambled, Poached, Hard Boiled, Eggs Benedict, Denver Sandwiches, Egg Salad Sandwiches, Strata’s… You name the egg dish, my parents probably fed it to us. When you risk your savings buying and selling furniture it’s nice to have some food around. Furniture is hard to eat.


We are grateful for the fat times and for the lean times we have seen. The lean times sharpen our senses and remind us of what is important and the fat times have allowed us to survive the lean.

We have only a few simple Buying Principles we strive to follow:

  • First it must be Cool.
  • If it is common forget it.
  • If we love the look, style and function of a piece we’ll buy it.


Come explore our 22,000 square foot showroom full of cool uncommon conversation pieces that will set your home apart.

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