Our New Stressless Zone

Our new home for the world’s most comfortable reclining furniture is now complete!

With 30 uniquely sized Stressless recliners, 10 different sofa styles and 6 Stressless Office chairs to display, it was time for a makeover.


Glance to the right or left as you descend into our Stressless Zone in our Washington Street Building. You’ll find areas devoted to learning what makes Stressless uniquely able to provide you a perfect fit.


Don’t worry that we have too much selection. Once we explain the features that will give you a chair that fits you like a glove, your search will be narrowed to a handful of very comfortable choices.

Zone4People have asked us for years,”Does Stressless make a desk chair?” Happily now they do.


Approach our Stressless Zone from our connected Union Street building and discover our array of Stressless sofa & sectional possibilities.



The Liberty Sofa & Loveseat is the most traditional look from Stressless so far.DSCN8428

Here’s a pair of the very popular Buckingham Loveseats.Buckingham

Yes we have the Ergo Adapt System covered too with the E300 Series,E300

There’s still more but you get the idea. You’ll find all you need to discover the most comfortable furniture in the world. We hope to see you soon.

Want to know  more follow our link to: Stange’s Stressless page.


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