New Lamps

We’ve decided to update this blog post regularly to showcase many of the lamps on display in our store. It’s an ever changing assortment of cool new looks but by no means our entire inventory.

See something you like. Give us a call at 1-800-440-8113  for dimensions or current pricing.


Bennington Walnut
Rossi Table Lamp Bennington Slate Table Lamp Walnut Table Lamp
Van Buren Reflections Industrial Gear
Van Buren Table Lamp

Reflections Table Lamp Industrial Gear Table Lamp
 Image4 Lamp Glass Globe
Cody Canyon Hair On
Hide Table Lamp

 Birch Table Lamp Glass Globe Table Lamp

Barre Oly Table Lamp Molokai
Barre Slate
Table Lamp
Oly Table Lamp  Molokai Table Lamp
Moderno Boat Lamp Metro Plaza Floor Upright
Moderno Table Lamp Canoe Table Lamp Metro Plaza Floor Lamp
Snoshoe Spun smile
Snowshoe Floor Lamp Spun Aluminum Table Lamp Smile Table Lamp

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