Create a Wall Mounted Christmas Tree

We thought a Christmas Tree on the narrow stairway landing of our Union Street building would be a great look but the space is narrow. Here’s how our designers solved the problem.

First we constructed a wood frame in the shape of our tree with hanging brackets.on the back.

Mesh tree 1

A chicken wire mesh was stapled to our frame.


Here’s Stange’s designer, Melissa Kalupa, stringing lights to our wire mesh.

Mesh tree  2

Plug it in Melissa.

Mesh tree 3

Here’ Stange’s head designer, Elizabeth Stange, attaching Deco Mesh to our frame.

Mesh tree 4

Here’s Liz working on the tree topper.

Mesh tree 5

Here’s a closeup look at our tree topper.

Mesh tree 6

Come to Stange’s to see our finished tree and all our holiday decorating ideas.Create the look you love for the Christmas season.

Mesh tree7

When Christmas has past, we can remove  our ornaments and the twigs in the topper and stash the finished tree for next years holiday season.


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