Aqua on the Brain

Ever since returning from the Caribbean I’ve had aqua on the brain.  There is just something about the spectacular colors of the ocean that soothes the soul and rejuvenates the spirit.


Somehow the scenery in Wisconsin just doesn’t compare.

imageAnd…… I much prefer lounging on the beach to lounging on a snowbank.



But…… right now a snowbank is my only option so I think  I’ll add a little aqua to my home decor with some artwork.  This lounging lady would be a wonderful addition, available now at Stange’s of Waupaca.


Florals more to your liking?  Lovelies I,II, III, and IV would be a lovely addition to your home

2X2 Artwork

Maybe you prefer something more abstract with the stunning blue of the sky…..that works too!

Artwork 1x3

Mother Nature does such a fabulous job mixing her greens and blues, replicated here in Veges, an over sized painting on display now on our new teal wall in the office.


An area rug and accessories can liven up a neutral setting.


Of course you can also add some aqua with fabrics from one of our many vendors.

Kravet Fabric 1

Duralee Fabric 1

Duralee Zebra

Duralee Umbrellas

Duralee Ikat

Tile is another great way to add aqua to your home.  Try some of these combinations.

DalTile 1

DalTile 3

Century Furniture has done an amazing job combining shades of blue and aqua in this stunning LR grouping.


Soon…….this is what we will be looking at, not quite the aqua of the ocean but it is our little piece of heaven and we love it here in Wisconsin.



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