The Toughest, Easiest to Clean Carpet on the Planet

Back in 2005, it was the first new carpet fiber introduced in 50 years. SmartStrand now has a 10 year record of success and with the addition of Nanoloc technology the SmartStrand fiber is encapsulated, creating a superior spill and soil barrier.

Smart Strand DogEven spills like Mustard and red wine are easily cleaned. Other fibers such as Nylon lose stain and soil protection over time and with repeated cleanings. SmartStrand forever clean never loses its stain resistance!

spills.jpg 001

SmartStrand is  made with renewable plant based materials and also causes less harm in its production. Luxurious softness along with lifetime warranties makes SmartStrand Forever Clean the best choice for your home!

Watch SmartStrand Forever Clean in action below (If you have trouble with this YouTube video Click here)

All this, along with free experienced professional estimating to ensure proper fit and finish, top quality pad to support your new investment and the best installation people around!  Come check out the full array of flooring options at Stange’s. 


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