When people take Christmas down and the house looks bleak they come in asking for help to spruce up their house.  Well this year we got the bug as well.  I just couldn’t look at those tan walls anymore. We put our collective heads together and decided let’s use them as a visual tool for our clients.  So we took our Plain Jane beige wall and divided it in to three sections.

South Wall Before

On the south wall we wanted to use white with dark trim. The rich color of the wood furniture stands out so nicely against the white and we love, love, love the dark trim. When we suggest it to clients they often get scared at the thought of dark trim, yet it can highlight architectural features in a room so beautifully or frame a view to the outside. Once we show them how much more interesting it can make a room they often say “Why didn’t I think of that?” Well…….that’s why you hire a designer, to think of solutions you haven’t.

Walls White Done III

North Done II

Next we move on to the north wall where we wanted to use the very popular gray with white trim. White trim is just so crisp against the gray and is a totally different look than the white.  The primer is first – there are always so many preparation steps before you can get to the fun part!

Priming South Wall

Then paint………..

North Primed

The trim gets added as the middle wall gets primed for “Arizona”

Orange wall being primed

Burnt Orange or “Arizona” looks great between the two walls.  We love the white trim against the deep orange. It has the added advantage that it allows customers to see white trim against two different paint colors – one cool and a little more subtle and one strong and vibrant.

Orange wall

The North Wall get reassembled

North Done

Now when you walk up the steps to the Design center you will see the three applications simultaneously.  Which is your favorite?



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